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Glistening metropolises of neon lights, tropical beaches to the south, breathtaking snow capped mountains to the north, with countless adventures and experiences to undertake in between; there are endless ways to discover Japan.

There are however recommended journeys you can undertake that are guaranteed to provide enriching cultural experiences, unique visions of nature and insights into Japanese life; these are known as the Golden Routes.


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9 day“Week in Japan” fully inclusive 
Gaze Upon My Fuji
Zoom on the Bullet Train
Learn Japanese Handy Craft

Our 9 day “Week in Japan” is from $5,840pp including flights with Cathay Pacific.

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A place where tradition meets cosmopolitanism

Japan is definitely a country that’s moved forward without forgetting its heritage – and there’s nowhere better to appreciate that than any Japanese city. Take Tokyo’s Asakusa district. Emerging from the tall buildings, you’ll feel like you’ve turned back the clock a few decades as you walk along the low-lying streets of traditional shops, houses, ancient shrines and teahouses. Although more common in Kyoto, Asakusa’s Kannonura Street is one of the few places in Tokyo where you can still see geisha in traditional make-up. And then there’s Osaka’s old town of Kishiwada. Here, you’ll walk side streets that haven’t changed in decades, home to family-owned confectioners, grocers and tea brewers.

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