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Travel in comfort and take in scenic landscapes on a nostalgic rail journey between global cities on unforgettable scenic routes to all corners of the globe.

The classic charm of rail journeys offers a pure travel experience as you make your way between stations on any continent of the world. Luxury cruise ships of the land a rail journey will bring a slow paced change to a hectic life style where you can relax, wine and dine and enjoy the ride in luxury across Australia, Europe, Eastern Europe and Russia through Mongolia and into the rest of Asia or switch planets and rail through Africa or North America. Whether your looking for that romantic getaway or just some scenic viewing and fine dining Inflight travel help you design your train holiday.

Russia and Asia

Explore Russia and the exotic east with an unforgettable rail journey through country where you will see the landscape change before your eyes. Jump aboard the Trans Siberian Rail from Moscow to the wild plains of Genghis Khan’s Mongolia and through to Beijing.

Board the Eastern and Oriental Express Experience a panoramic view of the mystical landscapes of Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Laos. The bygone Colonial era of Singapore Slings, afternoon tea and a tinkling piano amidst sumptuous surroundings conjures up a forgotten world. Along with carriages incorporating Eastern motifs and themes, it is as exotic as it sounds.

Then there is Land Of The Rising Sun's bullet trains ('shinkansen') with their impressive speed and efficiency and hop off to explore Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima and more so you can have your fill of Japanese culture and cuisine across the country.

Inflight Travel can organise call your train passes before you leave Australia so your journey will be effortless except to enjoy your lavishly decorated suite with world-class chefs providing your meals and exciting pre-booked off-train excursions along the way.

Europe and Scandinavia

Travel high speed through the UK and Europe or wind slowly through the Swiss Alps and other laid back destinations.

Europe is a vast continent, blessed with picturesque landscapes that have to be seen to be fully appreciated. Train travel is an ideal way to experience the bountiful beauty of European countries as you make your way to vibrant global cities and charming regional towns.

From budget-conscious travellers to those seeking a deluxe experience, there are many choices for sleeping and dining on board Europe's train services. Wake up in a different country every morning with a Eurail Flexi Pass where countries like Austria, Denmark, Greece and Turkey boast unforgettable experiences. Alternatively, you can jump aboard the Eurostar and make your way from London to Brussels in less than two hours.

Each country offers their own journeys such as hiiting the slopes in Switzerland with a Swiss Pass which can take you from the majestic Alps to the classically beautiful Lucerne. Save your money for sight-seeing and savouring local flavours with pre-booked, flexible Europe train travel, whether you want to travel exclusively by rail or are looking for day-trips between cities Inflight Travel can have your entire itinerary and bookings complete before you leave Australia. Read more about Europe


Japan is the land of the train, with one of the most developed railway networks in the world, if not the best... The culture of rail travel has therefore developed and is very different from everything we know in Australia and New Zealand.

With a 20,000km network of lines and high performance, punctual trains, Japan is a train lover's paradise.

If you want to maximise your time in Japan and travel quickly between the Japanese cities, opt for the high-speed Shinkansen 'Bullet Trains'. 

These trains are a big hit with tourists in Japan, they are easy to access with very good signposting in the stations. Inside the carraiges there is a digital information system in both Japanese and English which shows upcoming stops as well as the estimated arrival time.

In order to make the best of this unique experience, discover all the tips put together by our team, for you get the most out of your trip!

North America

Rail played a huge part in shaping America with a transcontinental railroad linking coast to coast and opening the west to new settlers. Today, you can train your way through north America from Alaska and Canada to the Panama Canal and throughout the states of the USA.

Make your way from New York to Boston in first-class comfort stopping in Washington, Baltimore and Philadelphia or jump aboard on a Coast to Coast rail experience of the old US of A. Further north, discover the picturesque landscapes of Canada via Toronto, Ottowa, Montreal and Quebec as well as smaller urban centres along the way. Discover the grand Canadian Rockies on board the Rocky Mountaineer, touted as one of the best rail journeys in the world or see why the glacier-fed lakes and snow-capped peaks of Alberta and British Columbia have earned World Heritage status with a rail journey to charming towns like Banff and Jasper

African Train Safari

Witness Africa's majesty on a train safari and see seven different countries on board the Shongololo Express – South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Zambia. With its own mini buses for off-train tours, the Shongololo Express is a comprehensive way to experience Africa with all the comforts of home including private lounges, en suites and on-board dining facilities.

Jump on board the Blue Train in South Africa for an overnight journey from Cape Town to Pretoria or vice versa. Renowned for luxury, the Blue Train is the ultimate indulgent escape with a personal butler service,

The Rovos Rail serves its own brand of luxury African rail travel with three levels of accommodation and a Victorian-inspired dining car, make your way to the stunning Victoria Falls or the Nambiti Game Reserve or both.

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Australia lends itself perfectly to the romance of the rail with an old-world charm complementing the beauty of unspoiled countryside. Jump on board the Indian Pacific and travel coast to coast on an epic journey from Perth through Adelaide to Sydney or vice-versa. Watch the landscape morph before your eyes as your train climbs through the Avon Valley, ventures across the Nullarbor Plain, pull into culture-capital Adelaide and continues on through to the majestic Blue Mountains before finally reaching the sparkling harbour of Sydney.

The vast Australian landscape makes rail the ideal mode of transport to appreciate the diversity of this amazing land.Treat yourself to a touch of luxury on a rail holiday and see the red heart of Australia in the luxury of The Ghan from Adelaide to Alice Springs and onto Darwin. On the transcontinental trip you will see the spectacular Flinders Ranges against dramatic outback panoramas and can amp up the experience with off-train tours like camel treks, scenic flights and river cruises.whether you are after a little extra leg room, a first-class dining experience or a private lounge.

Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia all have an abundance of long haul and short train travel options to many corners of the country. If you're thinking about a short break, why not see country and coastal Australia from southern most tips in Melbourne and Adelaide all the way up to tropical north Queensland.

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